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Big 4 for only 6 months is biting me in the arse

So yeah, this sucks. Since most accounting managers are from the Big 4, they are giving me the stink eye after hearing that I only stayed for 6 months. I can't tell them I was contractual since I wasn't and I don't want to lie cause they will find out the truth eventually. I just tell them that either I couldn't handle the work culture, the work is too overwhelming, FS audit is not really my thing, etc. Truth is I was forced to file resignation since I sucked.

I'm guessing that they see me as a wuss for "not paying my dues" and giving up early since they keep telling why the did I leave so soon since "I learned nothing yet" and one from the same firm knows that 6 months only meant you must have sucked and after knowing so, quickly wrapped up the interview.

I feel like my CPA is worthless and being 20 years old is not impressing anybody though it's a good ice breaker for the interviews ( I studied early and skipped some grades). What's the point of landing interviews when the managers don't see past the 6 months only in Big 4? By the way, I'm applying for entry level positions so it's not like I'm acting all high and mighty.

I have offers only because the employers was desperate, (which is concerning, also since I did not give them my resume)

Did this happen to any one of you? If so, how did you handle ex-auditors? I thought the Big 4 in my resume would sweeten my resume but instead, it's like raising a red flag.