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High School Intern – EY UPDATE

So a couple of you asked to keep you guys updated on my internship because you all were surprised they allowed a high schooler through the glass doors. Many of you said that I will just be making copies and paperwork, I won’t actually get to work on client stuff. Well, to my surprise and probably yours, I will be working client side. LOO was on Monday. They put me with tax. I’ve already been assigned to map trial balances for a multitude of clients.

Some of you also were curious about how I got the internship. To clarify this, I was selected by my high school and then interviewed by EY. My high school and 3 out of the Big 4 have an internship program that allows ‘high performing’ high schoolers the chance to have an internship at a company. It just so happens that I am a ‘high performing’ high schooler in the field of accounting. Anyways, if you guys have any questions I’ll try to answer them in the comments.