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Leaving after first busy season or stick it out

I work for a small CPA firm that does both audit and tax. I realize now during my first busy season this is not the right career for me. The long hours and lack of leadership from partners and management make me hate going into work everyday. I am a little bit older (34) and have prior work experience in a different industry. I also passed the CPA exam and am still working on the one year experience requriement. I'm conflicted because I don't want to waste anymore of my time or the firms time, by waiting till December of next year to quit. Plus, I feel like it would be poor form to quit right before my second busy season. I would prefer a job working for the government, but they did not recruit at my school. I don't know if after working another busy season the opportunites in industry/government would be better than they are now since I've only passed the exam and am not licensed or if I'm better off quitting after April 15th and getting the experience requirement later in what I feel would be a better fit for me. I appreciate the feedback.