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One IRS Agent Needs to Work on His Bribery Technique

An Internal Revenue Service agent is charged with accepting a bribe from two business owners in exchange for lowering their taxes.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office says 40-year-old Roger Anthony Coombs met with the two owners on May 8 to discuss an IRS audit of their businesses. Prosecutors say Coombs offered to reduce the $60,000 the business owners owed in taxes to $11,000 if they would pay him $9,700.

Coombs was arrested Wednesday after the business owners reported the offer to law enforcement officers.

How does a $49k reduction in taxes equate to a $9,700 pay off? Were these business owners more interested in greasing him $9,700 for a $0 tax liability? Because if that was the case, this happened in Minnesota, not the South, where that sort of thing could go unnoticed.

Or maybe they got pissed after he turned down their offer to seal the deal with a Starbucks?

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