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Advice about switching tax groups before starting full-time

Hi guys, After my multistate tax internship at a Big4, I asked for an office change to Chicago and tax group change to core tax for full time. I ended up getting the full time offer for summer 2016, but the recruiter was only able to arrange the office, but not the tax group change. He said that they do not have any openings in the core tax group, but he will let me know if anything changes a couple of months before my start date. I know that I absolutely do not want to stay in multistate tax, so I know that I will do whatever it takes to make it happen. Also I feel like they would always need people in the core group in Chicago due to turnover and business need at such a large office.

Can anyone comment on how likely I am at getting a spot in the core tax group with about seven months until my start date? And if it does not happen, how would I approach the situation after starting? I do not want to spend time in something that I know I am not going to pursue, but I also do not want to seem like a quitter/whiner by asking to switch right from the start. Thank you!!!