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To stay until manager, or leave as a senior..

I'm finishing up my senior 1 year in big4, and trying to figure out what my next move is. The caveat is that I do NOT want a typical accounting job in internal audit, financial reporting, or really ever booking a journal entry. I'm looking at finance jobs and have had some luck getting interviews for senior financial analyst and senior fp&a roles, paying about 75k + moderate bonus (smaller southeast city).

My question is whether I should hold out for the manager title in big4 and try for finance manager or fp&a manager. I've heard mixed opinions from recruiters saying to leave now since I will get pigeonholed if I stay until manager, and some internal "mentors" saying that those opportunities will be available at the manager level, and it is worth it to stay.

I'm on a good client with a good team, and outside of being underpaid compared to what I would make in industry, I think I can make it 3 more years if I have assurance that "the plan" is on track and my "dream job" awaits me at the manager level.