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Mid-tier Audit to B4 TS


I am a staff at a mid-teir firm in the audit practice. I am approaching the end of my second busy season and have started thinking about what the hell im doing with my life. I do not know if corporate accounting is for me and dont really see myself taking a senior staff or controller role. I think these jobs are somewhat boring, but I understand the pay and quality of life is better, so auditors tend to take these types of jobs. I like working with clients and the professional services atmosphere so I thought maybe switching service lines would be something I'd want to do.

Obviously I would want to go into a name brand firm and while mine is a good one (second tier, global firm) I thought I would be doing myself a diservice by not looking at th Big 4 first.

TS (TAS) looks interesting to me and it seems I could keep the client focused aspect of my job and stay in the professional services world. However, upon doing some research these seem like jobs that are rather hard to get. A lot of IB and corporate finance people tend to go after these jobs and alot of times have an MBA or went to a prestigous school. I am a licensed CPA and graduated from a large state school with a well known accounting program. I also have recieved good marks in my current postiton. 

I am wondering if it is really in the cards for me so I wanted to ask the GC community about barriers to entry into this field and the difficulty of getting your foot in the door, as well as if this would be a good move to further my career.