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Accounting News Roundup: When Robots Replace You; The No Pile; Adjusting EBITA Into Useless | 01.08.15

The Coming Demise And Rebirth Of The Accounting Profession [Forbes]
We told you: ROBOTS.

Is it frowned upon to have to go to the doctor during work hours in busy season? [Reddit]
If you have to ask…

Go ahead and stick us in the "no" pile, please [Twitter]

Tax Returns Complicated by Health Care Law and I.R.S. Staff Cuts [NYT]
“This is not the year to wait until, say, April 10 to decide to do your taxes,” said Marcy Gouge, assistant national director of the AARP Foundation Tax-Aide program, which offers free tax help and return preparation from trained volunteers at more than 5,000 locations nationwide.

Tailored Accounting at IPOs Raises Flags [WSJ]
Go GAAP or go home.

The Serious Business Behind Warby Parker’s Jokey Annual Report [Fast Co]
What's perhaps more interesting about the report than the information contained within it is the way that information is conveyed. The litany of Warby accomplishments is submerged within a Choose Your Own Adventure-style annual report that cheekily presents a personalized (but highly unscientific) view of one's accomplishments for the year (for instance, the amount of time spent "napping," "canoodling," and "puttering"), and suggests a spirit animal and a 2015 reading list. In short, it's not a report as much as it is an interactive viral advertisement, complete with a personalized URL for Warby customers to pass around on Facebook and Twitter.

A Great Reason to Not Buy Bitcoin: $5 Million Stolen Without a Trace [Gawker]
That's about 19,000 BTC.

This year’s New York groundhog will be safe behind wall of plexiglass after last year’s critter died after being dropped by mayor Bill de Blasio [Daily Mail]
So unlike last year, this one will definitely live for another 6 weeks no matter what his shadow says.

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