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Accounting Firms Bragging About Closing Between Christmas and New Year’s Is Bullsh*t, Says Guy


7 thoughts on “Accounting Firms Bragging About Closing Between Christmas and New Year’s Is Bullsh*t, Says Guy

  1. The firms that are like “congratulations this week is mandatory PTO week” are ridiculous. The rest of them can go ahead and brag.

  2. I love the PR blitz each year about the “Annual Disconnect” we are so lucky to have, but not nearly as much as I love the inevitable directive from my management about “being available” and attending “informal sync-ups” each day of our “important time away to really relax” etc. It’s such a charming holiday tradition ????

  3. My firm said you must use your pto, you cannot take it as time off without pay. So all it is about is a firm wanting to clear off some accounts payable money at a lower rate than if they had to pay it after your next raise. I earned the pto and they tell me when I have to take it? I can’t even understand how that is even legal.

  4. Closed? Never heard of such a thing, but hey, after this year and the never ending tax season, which runs right into next tax season- it’s well deserved. That, and the last minute clients who expect you to answer the phone at 430 Christmas Eve right up thru New Year’s Day for last minute advice for lack of planning- yes, well deserved.
    And for the “whiners” who don’t want to use their PTO, it’s called a budget, it’s called planning, it’s how you run a business. Be glad you have PTO, and probably health and other benefits. Many don’t.

  5. At my firm we were given off from December 24th to January 3rd without using any of out PTO days. The other firms I have worked at have generally done this as well. I always end up answering some emails and having a call or two during that time, but the only I get that done is by making sure I reach out to my clients before break to discuss any planning that might need to be done so I can try to get most of it done by the time Christmas comes. This is a demanding profession and in order to get the time of you deserve you have to proactively plan.

  6. I have closed down during this week for the last 6 years. Closing down for this week helps small firms recharge the batteries for the new tax season and for administrative work to be done without interruptions: rolling over tax files, producing engagement letters, etc. The clients are also “trained” to with us to get tax projections done and bonus checks written earlier so the anxiety of last minute issues is reduced.

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