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November 30, 2022

Newly-Minted CPA Outraged That Their State is Too Cheap to Send a Paper License Certificate

a certificate


  1. They do the same thing in Utah. Pretty pathetic – my brother passed the bar and got a huge piece of paper to put in a frame – nice little PDF for Utah CPAs

  2. Man. I got my certificate in the mail, paid like 60 bucks to get it framed, then I was told that it wouldn’t be a good idea to hang it up in my cubicle because it looks “too much like a flex” in front of the other accountants that don’t have their CPA and it might upset them.

    There’s 6 CPAs where I work, no one displays their certificate or even uses CPA in their email signature. Like dude, what’s the point then? Sonofabitch.

    Tired of this crap man. I’m rather proud of attaining my CPA , and now I have to hide it? What kind of crap is this? Whatever man..

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