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Accountants replaced by software in the future?

So I'm reading an article on NPR about the share of bachelor's degrees awarded by field in the past few centuries, which shows business consistently holds the highest percentage of degrees awarded, and some shmuck comments that business requires the least critical thinking skills (really? REALLY?) out of all fields presented. Another user responds that he wants to meet the guy who tries to argue that accounting requires no critical thinking skills, to which another shmuck responds with "Accounting is a deterministic system, i.e. accountants are robots that get paid to transform datasets according to predefined rules and regulations. There are a number of "accounting strategies" (as any drone at H&R Block will preach), but any financial scenario has an algorithm that maximizes the desired outcome. Accountants have been steadily displaced by software products for years, and that trend isn't going to stop. It was an irreplaceable service trade (for the wealthy individuals/companies) back when we didn't have computers to do matrix transformations in milliseconds and solve traveling salesmen problems without even turning the fan on, but today they are a fading relic."

Does anybody believe any of this guy's crap holds any credence whatsoever?