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Switching to Advisory

Hello all,

I am currently set to do an audit internship with one of the Big 4 next summer, but I am starting to discover that audit is not the right career path for me, due to its irreconcilable conflicts with my personal values. I know that I am not interested in tax, and I have brushed off advisory because I wanted to build a solid foundation in business before I moved on to other pursuits.

However, I enjoyed the few case competitions that I participated in the past, and it is something that I can see myself doing for a while. With audit out of the picture, I now want to work in advisory when I graduate from college. I plan on keeping my mouth shut, do my best at the audit internship, and then ask to be placed into advisory after I have received a return offer (personal experience tells me I should keep my mouth shut for as long as possible when dealing with the Big 4).

Is this the right course of action that I should be taking, and do you think I have the right qualifications to be placed into advisory? (3.5+ GPA with a triple major in accounting, information systems, and supply chain management at a major state university, very active in business clubs, and have good relations with the main on-campus recruiter)

Thank you for your help!