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Ex-KPMG Partner Who Gave Insider Tips to His Former Golf Buddy Is Going to Talk About Ethics Before He Goes to Prison

For the low low price of $158, you can sit in on a live video interview with fallen star Scott London, who will be giving insight into the importance of ethics before he heads to prison due to his the ethical deficiency that led him to profit off insider tips he gave to his golf buddy.

As we all know, London threw away a lucrative career as a KPMG partner for a "profit" of -$30,000 after fines.

The interview aims to teach participants "how and why ethical CPAs do unethical things," and who better to explain it than a former CPA who did very unethical things?

Gaylen Hansen and fraud wonk Gary Zeune will lead the conversation and get into the following hot button topics with London:

  • Detailed analysis of the many AICPA ethics rules London violated.
  • Detailed analysis of which new “Clarified Professional Ethics Standards” he would have violated had they been in effect, focusing on the new requirement to maintain confidentiality.
  • How background, family culture and personal pressure combined to cause the train wreck.  
  • Why he slid down the slippery slope from regional partner.
  • Make friend – go directly to jail. (apologies to Monopoly)
  • Did London know it was wrong?
  • How London passed inside information.
  • How was the information used?
  • Why didn't London understand the risk?
  • How he structured the information to avoid detection.
  • Did pressure at work contribute to his downfall?
  • The cost to his firm.
  • What it's like to be an FBI target.
  • How he got caught.
  • How to decide to plead guilty or go to trial.
  • The reaction of London's firm.
  • The devastation to his family.
  • How London surrendered his CPA license.
  • What it's like to negotiate a plea with the US attorney.
  • Being on the evening news when you don't want to be.
  • What it's like to have news vans parked in front of your house.
  • It's only money – why prison?
  • What is his sentence and where will he serve time?
  • Lawsuits, retirement, shame…is there life after release?
  • The one question that would have stopped London cold.

The event goes down June 24. You can register here.