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Footnotes: Are You Paying Tax You Don’t Owe?; The CGMA Blitz!; JPM Gets Probed | 09.04.13

Are Some Americans Paying Federal Income Tax They Don’t Owe? [TaxVox]

Opposition Mounts to Lease Accounting Changes [AT]

Idaho's Tax Commission is trying to get sales taxes out of a 12-year-old fruit stand. [ISJ]

The AICPA continues the CGMA blitz. [AICPA]

Check out this sweet profile of my pal and Maryland Association of CPAs Chair Byron Patrick. [CPA Practice Advisor]

Exclusive: JPMorgan subject of obstruction probe in energy case [Reuters]

Jonathan Weil has a funny today: "There's an amusing line in this notice yesterday by the Federal Reserve and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. The regulators told banks they should "not rely on the provision of extraordinary support by the United States or any other government" when drafting their so-called living wills. Those are the documents that describe how they could be dismantled if necessary in a crisis. In other words, when writing up the plans that assume they will die, they're not allowed to assume that they won't. Go figure." [Bloomberg]

Founder of $3 billion hedge fund busted in prostitution sting, it is unclear how many investors will *cough* pull out. [CNBC]

Just FYI, you little money-grubbing monkeys, there are jobs out there that pay better than yours after just two years of college. Oh the humanity! [CNN Money]

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