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Accountants Coping with Busy Season: Booze or Spreadsheets?

Once again, we take a peak at what our friends across the pond are talking about because you guys are clearly working to hard to email us anything of interest:

Over the weekend I have put in the [sic?] hours working. Not by force, just to overcome the feelings of negativity. I have found getting totally engrossed into work is great therapy. Beats drinking! Of course I drift of [sic?] now and then. I get back into work. It really stops me from doing stupid things that I will later regret.
Yes, this is a UK accountant. This kind of talk is usually coming from some self-righteous, over-ambitious American who doesn't waste a single opportunity to share his secrets to beating stress but I'm sure there are few Brits that prefer work to drink (although I haven't met them). And while this particular accountant may be mercilessly mocked by his country(wo)men for his personal choice of coping with life, he is right in the sense that working might be a more effective form of therapy than hitting the sauce. I won't sit here and tell you that a couple of cocktails isn't helpful in taking the edge off – LORD KNOWS IT WORKS – but at a certain age, knocking back highballs (or crushing cans on your forehead) can start to take a toll on you mentally and physically. Does your work suffer? Maybe, maybe not. But your body and mind certainly do. So its effectiveness is limited. 
As for those of you that consider your therapist couch to be a perfectly adjusted Herman Miller, this can also be problematic and is far more common in the U.S. "Americans live to work," as the saying goes. Nothing could be more true than an accountant's life during the first 3-ish months of the year. Many of you fancy a drink or ten when you're able to get away from your desks but how many of you are so in your element right now that you can't possibly bear the thought of NOT being busy? Is your peace of mind dependent on long hours, spreadsheets, your Outlook calendar and being surrounded by beige walls? If so, God help you. It's great that you enjoy what you're doing but if your work has become your therapy then it's time to find a hobby. Preferably one that isn't in your desk drawer. 
So readers, do you find solace in your work or in the bottle (or something else altogether)? Neither in the extreme is good, so if you've checked yourself recently or know someone who needs one, go to a meeting.