August 10, 2022

New Audit Associate Looking For Prank Ideas, Possibly a New Job in Near Future

Oh, man. Are we going to go here? I think we are. From the suggestion box:

Can we have a post where folks can share their best auditing related pranks? I'm a new associate and want to pull something memorable on my team.

When talking audit pranks, the most well-known and widely used prank is the timeless Have an Intern Fetch You a Box of Tickmarks prank. For this prank, you need at least one intern (though it's better if you can get a few of them on it because it will keep them tied up all day, just make sure they've already fetched the lunch order before you send them off to find the elusive box of tickmarks) and several hours of time to waste. Tell the interns you need a box of tickmarks and let the hilarity ensue.

Though this isn't audit-related, I'll share one I pulled on a colleague. For this prank, you need access to the victim's computer when he or she is not in the office. Take a screenshot of the victim's desktop, change the background image to that screenshot and then hide all icons. Your victim will spend half the day trying to click icons that appear to be on the desktop but are, in fact, just in the image of their desktop. HILAR!

Anyone have favorite pranks to share? Let's not get anyone fired or anything.


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