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Accepted offer, having second thoughts

Interned this summer at one of the B4. Towards the end of the internship, I was asked to "try out" another group within the service line I was in because they thought it aligned better with my background. When the internship wrapped up, they asked what I thought of my experience in both groups and I'd be getting my official offer letter later in the month. I ended up getting my official offer fairly late, and it was for the new group I worked in.

Ended up accepting the offer, and I was reluctant to express my overall uncertainty about not really wanting to be in either group. I figured it would be a good safety net and I could make it work. Plus, I didn't want to shoot myself in the foot and piss people off asking to move to something else.

Fast forward to now, I've been interviewing with other companies here and there outside of the B4, and have a couple opportunities in the pipeline. They recently posted a FT position in a different service line that is more in line of what I really want to do. Ideally, this is where I want to be. When I first recruited, my service line locked everyone up way earlier and I never knew of the other opportunities would come along later in the year. 

One part of me says screw it and contact the recruiter (who I have a good relationship with) and express my interest and concerns and see if I could possibly make the switch. The other part of me says just stick with what I have and deal with it. But I know I have to look out for my best interest and I'd be happier if I was able to somehow make the move out of what I accepted my offer in. 

Any thoughts?