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Accounting News Roundup: FX Effects; Reneging an Accepted Job Offer; Talking About Money With Coworkers | 11.24.15

Tilting at Forex Volatility Effects [WSJ]
With all the foreign currency volatility going on, companies have found a new favorite non-GAAP metric: currency-neutral reporting.

HBOS and KPMG tensions exposed by report [Accountancy Age]
If you enjoy disagreements between stubborn auditors and their equally stubborn clients from last decade, you'll enjoy the back and forth between HBOS and KPMG revealed by a 500-page report.  

Accepted offer, having second thoughts [Open Items]
I think it's natural to have second thoughts about accepting a job offer, however OP had their doubts from the start. I never quite understand who has reservations about a job but then accepts it anyway. Putting yourself in a position where you feel like you have to renege on a job offer is far from ideal. Those are tricky waters to navigate.

Google and PwC to establish joint base in Belfast [BBC]
This PwC and Google Innovation Lab is the first one in Europe. I'm sure there will be plenty of disruption and and delivering and innovating going on. That's the whole point of their partnership, as you may recall

In other news: