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We’re All ‘Janice in Accounting’ This Week

Now that we've reached the fourth week of November, we're firmly in #DGAF territory. Maybe it's not the Janice in Accounting level of, "I'll be eating your clearly-marked Noosa Yoghurt," #DGAF, but with Thanksgiving only a few days away, most of us who are working are having a hard time caring about much of anything.

Maybe you're responsible for all the cooking. Maybe you're dreading the lines at the airport. Maybe you're preoccupied thinking about the counter-arguments that you'll be repeating to your relatives. Whatever you're thinking about this week, it's probably not work, which means the number of fucks you give has been reduced to zero.

So enjoy the next couple of days of indifference. Going Concern will be pretty quiet for the latter half of the week, but we'll see you back here next Monday about the time you're starting to hit your stride. 

Happy Thanksgiving.