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‘Your Generosity Is Appreciated’: Open Thread

donations.jpgWe got a suggestion from a reader to solicit some discussion regarding your firms’ encouragement to donate to their preferred non-profit organization this holiday season.
This happens every year and the “browbeating” (as our reader put it) usually starts early and you are kindly reminded of your opportunity “to make a difference” quite often via emails, voicemails, face-to-face intimidation meetings and more emails.
Since the celebration of Christmaskah, Festivus, and general merriment has already gotten the kibosh in favor of the firms’ commitments to charity, one would think that TPTB at your firm would be less insistent about your personal donation to a specific charity but…we don’t know.
So kindly discuss your firm’s plans to encourage your participation this holiday season and if you plan to participate or if the freezing is contagious.