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Your Final CPA Exam Scores for Q2 Are Bursting Forth

Apparently the excitement started this weekend, a few days ahead of schedule. I received this email Saturday:

Hi Adrienne,

The latest batch scores have dropped for TN. The tweet has not posted from NASBA yet, but that bright, shining 77 doesn't lie. I thought I would pass along the information!

Not wanting to work on the weekend, I kept that little nugget to myself. I mean, really, all it would have done was give others false hope that their scores would appear too, ruining the weekend for everyone who planned to actually get out but instead decided to stay glued to their screen refreshing incessantly until bright and early Monday morning.

And then this happened today, right on schedule:

YAY, right? Well, maybe not for everyone. Like this guy:

Well then. I'm not sure what the beef is if scores weren't due out on that day but whatever.

As usual, feel free to share your victories or failures in the comments so you can all console and congratulate each other, depending. I'll be in New Jersey tomorrow and Wednesday for the NJSCPA Convention & Expo so if any miserable Garden State candidates would like a victory (or sympathy) beer on me in Atlantic City, hit me up.