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Footnotes: Should the Big 4 Spin Off Audit?; A Slightly Narrower Expectations Gap; Ex-Refco CFO Is a ‘Big Deal’ | 10.18.13

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I'm sure some of you can answer this quickly.

Drunken Driving Arrest for Ex-Refco Financial Officer The former chief financial officer of Refco, the collapsed brokerage firm, offered a Florida state trooper $1,000 to let him go after being pulled over for drunken driving earlier this week, according to a police report. Robert C. Trosten, the former financial chief, told the trooper that the federal government would be angry “about his arrest because he was a big deal,” the report says. He also said that his arrest, which occurred on Tuesday night, would “make the front page of the newspaper” and the trooper would be “a big shot.” [DealBook]

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IRS Reduces Tax Return Photocopy Fee [AT]

Wal-Mart Worker: Fired for Helping Assaulted Woman [AP]

Men may face felony charges after toppling Goblin Valley formation [SLT]

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