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Going Concern Jobs Is Now at Your Service

Back in February we briefly let you in on a new venture that we were working on called Going Concern Jobs. While there had been many discussions here at GC about the opportunities around job boards and recruiting services, we hadn't consulted with the most important people in that process, and that would be you all, the readers of Going Concern. 
You see, we know how important your careers are and so it only seemed prudent that we ask you what Going Concern Jobs should be. We received plenty of feedback and we incorporated a lot of what you told us into the GCJ philosophy. But even more importantly, we're avoiding the things that you hate about job boards and recruiting firms, and hopefully offering a lot of things you will love.
So that's why we're thrilled — THRILLED! — to launch Going Concern Jobs today. And just like Going Concern, Going Concern Jobs requires your participation. That means you should look over the jobs we currently have listedcreate a profile, upload your resume, set up email alerts send us feedback and suggestions so that we can make it the best resource for accounting jobs on the web. This is more than just a job board; it's more than just a recruiting service; it's the beginning of a new community in the world of Going Concern. 
Remember, this is just the beginning and we're still working to bring you more of the jobs and employers you want. You'll see tweaks over the next couple of weeks that will refine the site as we focus on a grassroots effort finding the employers who understand our philosophy and like us, want to do jobs and placement services better. We hope you appreciate the effort.
Now get excited! It's just your career we're talking about.
Thank you for your continued support of Going Concern.