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With Today’s CPA Exam Score Release, 2020 Is Officially In the Bag

Rejoice, procrastinators, your remaining 2020 CPA exam scores have been released to the wild today, meaning everyone who took the exam up to December 31 should have them in hand. Unless you’re in California but that’s a whole other topic for another day.

In my experience — and by “experience” I mean “years I spent yelling at CPA exam candidates to just schedule and get it over with already” — the last quarter of the year tends to be the most difficult to schedule due to the fact that everyone sort of drags their feet all year and then come around September or so they realize the year is almost over and pile in to Prometric. I was curious what effect the Rona would have on this time-honored tradition, so for the sake of half-assed science let’s compare to the December 16, 2020 score release, which included exams taken up until December 8.

Now, I’m only counting the main four parts because this is already more math than I’m used to having to do and fuck that.

Crunching the numbers, we see that even with a pandemic raging across the globe CPA exam candidates can be counted on to wait until the last possible minute to cram one more exam section in before the clock strikes midnight on a new year. You guys are nothing but predictable, and in a world gripped by constant turmoil that is most definitely a compliment.

Here’s just how many more parts were taken in that final push of 2020.

  • AUD: 509
  • BEC: 710
  • FAR: 994
  • REG: 593

Someone feel free to check my math, as previously stated I’m terrible at it. Then again, so are most of you.

I can’t help but imagine the people scheduling FAR for late December were like “you know what, let’s end this dumpster fire of a year with the worst CPA exam section, screw it.” Yeah, that has to be it. Making masochistic decisions that will only give you headaches is good practice for your careers.

Anyway, that’s it. Those of you testing up until January 23 can anticipate seeing your scores on February 9, barring any more attempted coups or anything else that might interrupt the otherwise pleasantly reliable score release process.