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CPA Exam Candidates Everywhere Freaked Out by NASBA’s Switch to “Noteboards” from Scratch Paper

This email went out to CPA exam candidates from NASBA earlier today:

Effective January 1, 2013, in lieu of scratch paper and pencils, candidates will be provided with two double sided, laminated, colored sheets called “noteboards,” as well as a fine point marker for making notations.

Candidates will be directed to write their examination Launch Code (from their NTS) on their noteboards. Candidates cannot bring any paper or pencils to the workstation in the testing room.

If needed, candidates may request additional noteboards from the test center staff, but candidates must first turn in the original noteboards they received in order to get a new supply.

Candidates will be required to return the noteboards to the test center staff when their examination is complete.

Sounds to me like they no longer want you be able to brain dump mnemonics as soon as you sit down at your station with paper and pencil, or they just want to screw with everyone and see how bent out of shape they get. Will they also provide tissue so candidates can clear their boards or are candidates expected to use their shirtsleeves? And if so, are they required to cut off their sleeves and return those upon leaving the test center too since they'll have all-important CPA exam data all over them, if smeared?

Were that many people really trying to sneak out of the exam with Prometric-issued paper?

Calls made to NASBA to ask why they have implemented this change have not yet been returned.

Outrage may now commence in the comment section.