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Will quitting to travel the world ruin a career in accounting

Good evening GC'ers,

I recently switched firms from one Big 4 to another to get into a different service line.  Now I find myself in the middle of a major life change and have begun contemplating leaving my job to travel the world for 6 months to 1 year, as it has been a passion of mine for most of my life.  The plan right now is to stay in my current position for one year while saving as much money as possible.  A few months before I plan to leave I'm going to talk to the firm about doing an unpaid sabbatical, but if they say no, I will resign my position and travel until I run out of money.  Assuming I don't have a major epiphany and realize accounting isn't right for me, I would like to know that I will still have a career when I get back, either in public or industry.  I have a CPA license and plan to maintain that while abroad (I'll do my necessary CPE before leaving).  

I'm hoping to get some (serious) insight from anyone who may have knowledge of someone doing this.

Thanks in advance.