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Transferring offices after internship.

I started my internship with a big four public accounting firm in a mid-sized office in the Northeast region. I received an early internship offer last summer and since then I have changed my mind about where I want to live. I am currently interning at an office that is located near my college. My original plan was to stay in said city, but I have since decided I would rather move home in order to save money and get a head start on taking the CPA exam.If I took the CPA exam in my home state I could get two or three sections out of the way before I start full time. This would mean transferring to a large office located in the Northeast region, same region as my current office. 

My question is how possible a transfer would be. And if it is possible, when is the best time to bring it up to my recruiter? Is there anything I should focus on saying to her. Any advice is appreciated.