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Why would you usually not want someone on your engagements?

Hi GC,

I've been working at one of the big 4 now for 1 year in Tax. One of the issues I've been having is getting myself on to engagements, in particular big compliance engagements. Since I've started I've worked on a large variety of engagements, largely more consulting/advisory based as well as some smaller returns for smaller companies.

One thing I haven't had an opportunity to do is to work on one of our larger clients, particularly helping with their return. An opportunity came up recently when the analyst who had been working on one of our largest clients left and their information had just come in — I was asked by a manager what my capacity is like for the next few weeks and whether I would be able to assist with this return.

In the end though, I overheard that the manager will be recommending that one of my other colleagues, who constantly seems to work on these larger compliance pieces, will get to work on this one too. I've tried reaching out to managers to find out what clients, if any, they will expect me to be working on this year but no one tells me anything – they just drop the work on my desk the day they seem to decide to give it to me.

I think on the engagements I have worked on, I've shown that I'm able to deliver a good product, under budget. 

What reasons do you guys think there would be to decide at the last minute not to put someone on one of the "better" clients?

I'm considering having a chat with this manager and asking them straight up why I wasn't put on the client… but I don't want to come across as a whiney bitch.

I'm happy to hear any advice.


Kind regards,