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Salary Offer Advice From Big 4 (KPMG)

Hi Expert Mates, I am a 2008 Bachelor Technology grad with no post graducation education, with a 6 years of IT Consulting & Architecture exp from leading IT Services firm (have 15 months of employement gap). Currently with a 1000 employee based org in Charlotte NC & have only 6 months exp in US Geo with a salary of 110K Base + 10K Bonus. Recently I got offered by KPMG for a NJ location for 140K Base + 10K Bonus for a Manager – Advisory – Management Consulting position. HR explained me that 140K what really is comparable salary in NJ with a decent raise & thats max they can offer the position. I am new to Big 4 space as well as NJ a living lcoation. KPMG will consider Green Card processing after standard 18 months of employement & Mar-Apr is approx joing time. I am in a position to say Yes/No to the offer as my 160K Base was my expected. 

Any advise on KPMG pay standards visa-a-vis to professionals similar to me, future career growth, having KPMG on resume and how 140K base is for NJ location – will be a great help for me.