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3 of 4 CPA Exam Sections Down, Freaked About REG

Okay – so it's been about 8 months since my previous post related to me walking out taking FAR.

Since then I've passed FAR (85), AUD (80), BEC (80), and just received my REG score, 73.

I can honestly say I was not as regimented in studying, I partied a lot closer to the date of my test, and didn't really pay much attention to business law.  Accoridng to the NASBA/AICPA "you failed here's how you did" analysis, Stronger in tax calcs (property & individual/corp), comparable in everything else, and weaker in Business law and SIMS.  The SIMS I got were rule based that I straight up blanked on, tried using the code, but it was worthless, which I wish I just stayed and took more time looking through. (left every exam with an hour left so far).

Point is, I'm going at it again in Q2, but I am absolutely bugging out, and confidence shocked.  I'm determined to completely overstudy just toget this f'n thing done with and here's my plan:

March: Read the book, between my engagements/down time, just read it front to back, I feel like it'll help with the B-law aspects, plus, why not? I don't start the Becker study plan until April, can it hurt?

April: over 4-5 weeks, do the Becker Self-study all over again.

May: Use about a week and a half for review, and then test before May 15th so I can get my score around the 27th (i think, per the NASBA score release schedule)

I've talked to HR, all I have is quarters in April, I'll be taking paid-study days through out, and maybe even a full week of vacay considering I'll never use my full three weeks before the reset.

What do you guys think? Should I supplement with Wiley MCQ or something as well? I understand we all love to be snarky and stuff, but if you've ever failed a part and gone on to pass it second try, you probably have been in my shoes and had your confidence shook.  I'd appreciate some constructive comments, and if you're going to be sarcastic, at least make it legitimately funny.