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Who’s in a Big 4 State of Mind?

As you are most certainly aware, many of your Big 4 colleagues spend their days dreaming of a life far more fabulous than their own cube-dwelling, spreadsheet-drowning existence. I realize it's hard to imagine a life better than one that spends the occasional long evening in a JIT, but some of your colleagues can't simply be caged by the taupe walls that surround you. For some time, it has been a trend for various former and current Big 4 employees to produce music videos of varying quality, with the aforementioned "In a JIT" reigning as the best to date. Over the weekend we were tipped to a new video that certainly earns kudos for…time spent and I'm-taking-this-so-serious-that-I'm-not-taking-it-serious seriousness (unless I'm way off base, here). I've cut a few stills to give warm you all up to the full video.

Starting with a duck face and a fur-lined hood: 







Don't leave him hanging:







This may re-enliven the beard debate:







NOPE! That raise won't do.









Now that you're sufficiently prepared, watch the whole video and critique, as you see fit, in the comments.