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To Whom It May Going Concern: “Next time you abuse your first year, remember that they are the ones that pick up your food.”

This is the latest edition of our infrequent feature, To Whom It May Going Concern. Here we share some of the more, shall we say, interesting messages that come across the wire. If you get the urge to tell us what you think about this here website, email [email protected] with "To Whom It May Going Concern" in the subject line, @ us on Twitter or just yell really loud and maybe we'll hear you. Just a reminder that all messages are considered on the record unless specified otherwise. 

It's Friday and you've all checked out so let's get right to the baseless and ridiculous, starting with Deloitte trying to get whiter and manlier:
Deloitte bet too heavy on JPMC project. Using it as an excuse to force people out. Disproportionate number of women and minorities going.
Speaking of Deloitte, they managed to find the most anxious recruit in the country:
I accepted an offer from Deloitte back in November, but, as of now, I don't have a start date.  I emailed the recruiter back in March to check in and she said they had not finalized start dates at that time.  Should I be concerned?
I'm pretty sure the recruiter hates you. 
Here's some competitivce poaching news that is a little light on details: 
3 GT Fed partners bolted to EY Fed practice.
Thanks. And thanks for leaving us an email address. We're not interested in things like names or locations anyway. 
Be kind to your first years — some still revel in petty revenge:
Next time you abuse your first year, remember that they are the ones that pick up your food.
Here's some feedback for our publishing team:
Hey GC, I really like your new ads that don't allow you to close them. Now I can get a larger penis and waste my afternoon at the same time.
Here's more feedback for the publishing team:
Here's a tip. Build a forum into this website. More clicks, more views, more advertising, more everything. Whoever runs the finances will thank you.
Even more feedback for the publishing team:
no comments on the sponsored content post?  So fucking lame
Here's an article suggestion if you can make sense of it:
am not sure how many are interested as to why/when an accounting firm determines its best to part ways with its own CFO.  Do the personal items on the expense reports matter?  How about the personal charges on payables?  the inexplicable lack of control of its own cash accounts?  Does a firm do what they advise their clients, or do they part ways and term it merely a 'performance problem'?  In other words, does an accounting firm drink the kool-aid that they sell to clients, or do something different?  'could be an interesting topic!
Finally, Going Concern wasn't listed on The People CPAs need to follow on Twitter, so one person found this to be outrageous: 
No mention of @going_concern and no mention of @Big4Veteran! Yet Kyte and Francine get mentioned? 
And one just thought it was funny:
No mention of Going Concern?  Ha ha

Neither Adrienne or I have slept since the list came out. 

Thanks for your continued support of Going Concern.