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Mark Weinberger Is the Future Ernst & Young CEO. You Shut Up.

Yesterday we broke the news of Mark Weinberger jumping into the big Black and Yellow chair when Jim Turley steps down next year. It's pretty big news for E&Y as JT has been running the show since July 2001. With all his fancy schmancy credentials, there's no question that Mark is up for the job but a very interesting point was raised yesterday in the first comment of yesterday's post:

Weinberger needs to shave. Looks very unprofessional for a Chairman and CEO.

This was followed up by Adrienne:

[H]e kinda has that WWF wrestler look about him.

Now, I haven't watched wrestling in years but you don't have to be Rick Rude (may he RIP) to get what she's driving at here. Of course the first comment has no subtlety at all, so let's get right to the heart of this thing: the goatee. When I first started saw M. Dubs picture, I thought there was something strangely familiar about the man but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Then, while I was thoughtfully stroking the pathetic stubble under my nose, it came to me (NSFW, unless your employer is cool with you watching videos with adult language): 

No one is insinuating that Mark will handle his duties as Chairman and CEO in a similar manner but there is a resemblance and it starts with the facial hair. We touched on beards very recently but in a very different context. Many in the group believe that beards, especially for young recruits, are a no-no and religious convictions, or whatever your motivation, can go straight to hell. Eventually, you'll become a big enough BSD that you can rock whatever hipster beard and cardigan you want and no one can say a peep. BUT! some people are still of the impression that because this is the face of a firm any facial hair, even a neatly trimmed goat (circa 1995), is somehow unprofessional. This is dumb. He's not Chester A. Arthur, now is he?  And even if he was, you should point the finger at the people charged with electing the goat/man to the position. Does he lose credibility because he more closely resembles the late Rod Beck? He shouldn't. Would he somehow be more capable of answering the same questions about Lehman Brothers over and over and over if he went into the corner barbershop everyday to get the straightedge job? No. 

If Mark wants to rock the goat, he should keep the goat. Weinberger is the CEO (elect). You shut up.