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Which Big 4 Tax Practice in Houston?

To Anyone Kind Enough to Offer Advice:

I recently received offers from all of the Big 4 firms to work in the tax departments of their Houston offices–my preferred practice and city.

I majored in accountancy while I earned my BBA, I worked as a tax department intern for a regional firm in the spring, and I'm studying in UT's MPA program now; I should have a good deal of insight into the world of accounting. As yet, though, I can't get anyone to give me a brutally honest take on how the Big  compare with each other.

Is one of the Big 4 considered the best place to work in tax, either in general or with regard to Houston in particular? Is there any area of tax I should avoid (or pursue)? International tax seems interesting–Am I a fool for thinking this? Is it even advisable to pursue work in tax?


An Ignorant Student