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Footnotes: Even Aliens Pay Taxes; Hazing Tim Ryan; Government Accounting is Broke(n) | 09.26.14

The Federal Reserve's Artful Compassion for Households in 'Sobering' Condition [HuffPo]

Court Rules Alien Needs to Formally Abandon Status to Avoid Tax [Accounting Today]

Why the Fed Is So Wimpy Spoiler alert: it may be a feature, not a bug [HBR]

Here's how to make excuses at work and not be a tool about it [Lifehacker]

Fresh meat! Tim Ryan is now on Twitter [Twitter]

HP-Autonomy Lawsuit Accord’s Fairness Questioned by Judge [Bloomberg]

Government Accounting Deceptions Are Everywhere Anyone who ever passed FAR already knows this [NRO]

Plan for U.S. securities audit trail seen delayed again U.S. exchange officials are seeking more time to submit a plan for building a massive database for storing all equity and options transactions, a project designed to better monitor trading activity that took on urgency after the Flash Crash of 2010. [Reuters]

University leaders are worried they aren't suckering enough marks into the student loan debt trap [KPMG]

Google Workshops Explain Sexism to "Skeptical" Employees Skepticism is good, right? [Valleywag]