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Just got to the Big 4 but should I leave for a better opportunity?

I have been at a national firm for 2 years in their internal audit practice, some places call it consulting and others call it advisory, it really is just internal audit nothing more nothing less. Right before my promotion to senior, I got a gig at a Big 4, also in their internal audit practice. Some say it might be stupid to leave right when you're about to be senior to be a staff again at a Big 4 but I did it, so I maybe stupid. Anyway, to my question, I just got here and have been here for 8 months and have already found a better opportunity (at least I think it's better) at a global company to be a senior. I would think this is awesome because of the title and more money but I feel as if I am not spending enough time at a big 4 because of how the industry view big 4 workers. Will leaving the big 4 before I even make my one year mark hurt my career? If I stay I would probably/eventually become a senior in the next couple of months and maybe make the same or more?