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Was industry the right choice?

I left public accounting a year and a half ago for industry.  Nothing could be worst than KPMG, right?  Well, probably.  I don't hate industry, but about a year into my current gig I felt really bored.  I was proactive in asking for work from managers (I'm a senior) and they either didn't have work for me or would give me "busy work" like photocopying.  About six months ago I set up a meeting with the head of the department to get an understanding of what was going on.  She told me that my work was great, and all of these nice qualities about me, she also told me that people think that I am too "intense".  I don't work later than my peers or come in earlier (except for busy season), I'm the only senior who worked in public, and I can tell that I am way more efficent than them, and get my work done faster, so I can only assume this is what too "intense" means.

Fast forward to now, I am still so bored, but fear asking for more work will just piss off my managers and co-workers.  Has anyone else jumped to industry and had this problem?  If so, what did you do?