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MACC full time, while working full time

I have an awesome opportunity for a corporate tax internship for Spring 2015, but I am currently in my graduate program full time (9 credits). I have a scholarship that requires full time enrollment.

I would like to both go to school full time and work full time, but I am not sure that I would be able to do it. I had a bad prior experience doing that in undergrad (and I only did half time at that time). I don't want to lose the scholarship. Also, I have started working out again and focusing on my health.

If I took the internship, I wouldn't have to take out so much loans for grad school for the spring semester. Also I would gain tax experience (keep in mind that I also already have a Big 4 tax summer 2015 internship lined up- which I plan to accept a full time offer from if given). 

However, my exercise regimen and overall stress level may increase working and going to school full time. I don't want my grades to suffer. I don't want to be mentally "taxed" LOL.

What should I do? If I were to do both full time, how could I fit in exercising- which is very important to my happiness?