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(UPDATE 2) Promotion Watch ’12: PwC Admitting 165 New Partners

After getting a tip, we've confirmed with a source inside the firm that PwC made 165 employees' day on Friday. This year's class has 29 more than 2011, and is nearly double of 2010's class.

Right now, we don't have a breakdown between men and women or by practice, but rumor has it that there's an email from Senior Partner Bob Moritz floating around somewhere, so if you come across it, you know what to do. We'll keep you updated as we learn more.

UPDATE – June 7th:
We'll keep a running tab here of the partners as we learn their names. If your office has made an announcement, send the info our way

NashvilleJonathan Flack, audit; Kelly Plummer, audit.
Atlanta – Amanda Foster, audit (strange because her LinkedIn profile says advisory); Pieter Penning, advisory.

UPDATE 2 – June 7th:
Finally a few people quit assuming we had the email from BoMo and sent us all the names. Thanks to our tipsters for pulling the trigger.

Name LOS Office
Jeff Adeli Assurance Philadelphia
Denise Agalianos* Tax Chicago
Richard Altham* Assurance Boston
Doug Anderson* Advisory Orange County
Kevin Barry* Advisory New York
Carlos Bello* Advisory Miami
Justin Benesch Tax New York
Alex Blanc* Advisory Los Angeles
James Boviard Assurance Boston
Joe Branco Tax Florham Park
Nigel Brashaw Assurance Boston
Jamie Brenner Tax New York
Briggs Briner* Advisory Dallas
Jeff Briner* Advisory Cleveland
Cornelius Bronder* Advisory Washington DC
Brian Buchanan Assurance St. Louis
Margaret Burke* Advisory Boston
Brian Carroll Assurance New York
Kevin Catalano Assurance Florham Park
Hallie Caywood Tax Denver
Dave Chen Tax Detroit
Matt Chen Tax Washington DC
Michael Chinn Tax San Jose
Melissa Chorey Assurance Chicago
Robert Chwalik* Advisory New York
Maria Collman Tax Houston
Jason Crouch Assurance Fayetteville
Dan Crowley Tax New York
Steve Cullimore* Tax St. Louis
Jared Curless* Tax Houston
Terri-Ann Dautzenberg Assurance Florham Park
Ryan Dent Assurance Salt Lake City
Romit Dey* Advisory San Jose
Margie Dhunjishah Tax Lima, Peru
Sal DiAgostino Tax Boston
Paul Dinunzio Assurance Boston
Kasey Dunn Tax Houston
Brent Eastep Assurance Los Angeles
Gib Efird Advisory San Francisco
Dan Farrell Advisory Philadelphia
Tom Feeley Assurance Boston
Jon Flack Assurance Nashville
Christie Forgash Assurance Los Angeles
Amanda Foster Assurance Atlanta
Peter Frank* Advisory New York
Randy Friedman* Tax Philadelphia
Brad George Tax Philadelphia
Christine Goldberg* Advisory Phoenix
Rob Gormly* Advisory McLean
Natasha Granholm Tax Chicago
Frank Graziano Tax Boston
Stig Haavardtun Assurance San Jose
Jay Haksar* Tax Washington DC
Karrie Hebert Tax Tampa
Kate Henk Assurance New York
Roberto Hernandez* Assurance Dallas
Steve Hodge* Tax Philadelphia
Charlie Hohenshelt* Advisory Dallas
Tom Holman Assurance San Francisco
Sean Hoover Assurance Pittsburgh
Stacy Huntoon Assurance Denver
Glenn Hunzinger Advisory New York
Erinn Hutchinson* Advisory Philadelphia
Melanie Hutchinson Tax Houston
John Karren* Advisory McLean
Karen Keelty Assurance Florham Park
Rachel Kelly Tax Boston
Rachel Klein Assurance New York
Tina Knauss Assurance San Jose
Phil Koos Advisory New York
Ann Kruse Tax St. Louis
Tim Lapetina Tax Chicago
Mike Lawley Advisory Dallas
Darren Lee* Advisory San Jose
Ken Lee Tax San Jose
Peter Lee* Tax Dallas
Teresa Lee Assurance New York
Darren Lees Assurance Chicago
Joe Longoria Assurance Houston
Ligia Machado Tax Sacramento
Brett Maher* Advisory Chicago
Sachin Mandal* Assurance Florham Park
David Mandelbaum Assurance New York
Jonathan Manset Assurance McLean
Michael Mariani* Advisory Phoenix
Jim Mastroianni* Tax New York
Lorie McDonald Tax Miami
Patrick McGinness Assurance Stamford
Shawn McGrath* Tax Stamford
George McNamara Assurance Phoenix
Tara Meyer* Advisory Tampa
Frank Midolo Assurance Hartford
Jen Moll Assurance Minneapolis
Karen Morgan Assurance Charlotte
Jan Morreel* Assurance New York
Chris Morris* Advisory Boston
Abhijit  Mukhopadhyay* Advisory Tokyo, Japan
Gregg Muresan Tax Cleveland
Diego Muro* Tax Rosario, Argentina
Ryan Murphy Advisory Chicago
Andrew Nardo* Tax Dallas
Sally Neal Advisory New York
Arnold Nel* Advisory San Jose
Jon Nelson Assurance Detroit
Mike Nelson Assurance New York
Mike Olecki Tax Cleveland
Joseph Olson Tax Portland
Amy Owens Assurance New York
Brent Papciak Assurance Kansas City
Ginger Parker* Advisory McLean
Ty Patel* Tax New York
Rajesh Patnaik* Advisory Bangalore, India
Josh Paul Assurance San Jose
Mike Paul* Advisory Kansas City
Ryan Paulson Assurance Florham Park
Pieter Penning* Advisory Atlanta
Ethan Pfeiffer Tax Florham Park
Emily Pillars Assurance San Francisco
Kelly Plummer Assurance Nashville
Ed  Ponagai* Advisory New York
Rob Porcelli* Tax McLean
Mark Poulson Advisory Chicago
Michael Pratt Assurance Cleveland
Chris Pullano* Advisory New York
Hemant  Ramachandra* Advisory Florham Park
Ashok Rao* Advisory San Jose
Chris Rhodes Assurance New York
Terry Richardson* Tax Chicago
Juan Rivero Assurance Santo Domingo, Dom. Rep.
Craig Robichaud Assurance Florham Park
John Rosan Assurance Columbus
Christine Saliba* Tax McLean
Aaron Sanandres* Tax New York
Renee Sarria Assurance New York
John Satelmajer Assurance Minneapolis
John Scacco Tax San Jose
Pete Schraeder Assurance San Francisco
Martin Schreiber Assurance New York
Shurjo Sen Assurance New York
John Sheehan Tax New York
John Simmons* Advisory Boston
Shara Slattery Assurance Chicago
Mike Sobolewski Assurance Detroit
Naren Soorabathula* Advisory Bangalore, India
Renton Squires* Assurance San Francisco
Jay Stewart Tax San Jose
Margaret Stover* Advisory Philadelphia
Sanjay Subramanian* Advisory McLean
Michael Sutphin Assurance Boston
Tom Swoboda Tax Boston
Rei Tanaka* Advisory Tokyo, Japan
Andrew Thorne Assurance Boston
Dennis Tingey Tax Phoenix
Derek Townsend* Advisory Boston
Jeff Trent Assurance New York
Jarrod Trigg Assurance Cincinnati
John Triolo Tax New York
Affshin Valji* Advisory Seattle
Ken Verheeck Assurance Houston
Karen Visco Tax New York
Jennifer Weafer Tax Boston
Mark West Assurance Houston
Jim Will Assurance Cleveland
Karen Wilson* Advisory McLean
Tammy Wojtasiak Assurance Minneapolis

Anyone with an asterik is a principal.

A quick rundown:
Business Group: 67 assurance; 51 tax; 47 advisory

Cities: NYC 30; Boston 16; San Jose 11; Chicago 10; Florham Park 9; McLean 8; Houston 7; Philly 7; Dallas 6; San Francisco 5; Phoenix 4; Los Angeles 3; DC 3; St. Louis 3; Detroit 3; Minneapolis 3; Miami 2; Denver 2; Atlanta 2; Nashville 2; Stamford 2; Bangalore, India 2; Kansas City 2; Tokyo 2; Orange County 1; Charlotte 1; Fayetteville 1; Salt Lake City 1; Lima, Peru 1; Pittsburgh 1; Sacramento 1; Hartford 1; Rosario, Argentina 1; Portland 1; Santo Domingo, PR 1; Columbus 1; Cincinnati 1. – I think I'm off one, but I'll be damned if I can find it. 

Men 123; Women 41 – I did my best on the gender-neutral names. For toss-ups I defaulted to male because, well, it's public accounting.

Congrats to all the new partners and principals!