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Unsubstantiated Rumor of the Day: Only Two Dozen People Sat For the CPA Exam in Delaware?

Wayne's World "Delaware" scene

We have all heard that CPA exam candidate numbers are down, and in fact these numbers have been down for quite a few years. Nothing new there. NASBA announced late last year that they would be suspending publication of detailed exam stats to focus on the CPA Evolution project so we won’t have a “Candidate Performance on the Uniform CPA Examination” book to pull exact numbers from any time soon. Instead, we shall rely on the word of someone’s cousin’s brother’s hairdresser:

That can’t possibly be true? Is this that “sarcasm” I’ve heard so much about? Delaware doesn’t have a residency requirement, lets you sit for the exam at 120 units, and used to be a popular option for international candidates, surely more than 24 people sat for the exam there in the last 11 months.

In the interest of the hard-hitting investigative journalism Going Concern is known for/s, I contacted the Delaware Board of Accountancy to see if they’d tell me how many people sat for the exam this year. Actually, I sat on hold for about 45 minutes until the corny hold Muzak finally drove me insane and then I hallucinated that someone picked up. The apparition I spoke to said they would go find a benevolent entity who could answer my question, the music came back on for approximately twelve torturous minutes, and then I was disconnected. I tried again and this time, having been sufficiently conditioned to tolerate the Muzak through intensive exposure therapy, I endured a brief thirty minute hold before the person I spoke to told me they do not have that information and I should contact NASBA. So…back at square one I guess.

Anyway, keep you posted.