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NASBA Will No Longer Publish CPA Exam Performance Data Until the New CPA Exam Debuts in 2024

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This just in, NASBA is shelving its annual Candidate Performance on the Uniform CPA Examination book and publication of candidate performance data for the next few years as it invests the bulk of its efforts into the CPA Evolution project:

Due to the necessary and important focus on bringing CPA Evolution to fruition, including significant changes that must be made to NASBA’s technology and platforms to reflect the new exam and licensure structure, NASBA has ceased publishing the Candidate Performance on the Uniform CPA Examination publication until this important transition is completed.

NASBA began gathering data on CPA exam candidates in 1982 and started publishing these reports three years later. It says in a description on its website this publication demonstrates “NASBA’s role as a trusted resource to Boards of Accountancy, the academic community and accounting profession.” The most recent physical report sells for $200 and along with jurisdiction and demographic data, contains the following:

    • State Performance
    • University Rankings
    • Program Accreditation Statistics
    • Country Rankings and Performance Breakdowns for the Top Five (5) countries
    • Trending Data
      • Number of Unique Candidates
      • Average Age
      • Percent Pass

In an FAQ, NASBA said it might publish reformatted candidate data in 2025 at the earliest. In the meantime, it will not publish detailed pass rates and statistics for universities, nor will it provide any university-specific data to institutions requesting this information for their own purposes. It will consider requests for data used for research purposes, however this data will be “severely restricted” and considered on an ad hoc basis.

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  1. terrible decision by NASBA. How does the 2024 exam affect historical data of the exam that is not changing until then?

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