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Protip for Future CPAs: Forging Signatures on Your Work Experience Form is Dumb

So, we're combing through the latest California Board of Accountancy Update, checking out the usual CPAs behaving badly toward the end. It's nothing spectacular, just the usual sloppy audits, kid-touching, and killing people with vehicles while under the influence of alcohol. Seriously, that's all in there. Look for yourself starting on page 11.

Then we find Joel En-Hui Kim. What alleged crime did Mr. Kim commit?

Well, you see, he faked the signature on his work experience form:

Mr. Kim committed an act involving dishonesty, fraud, or deceit with the intent to substantially benefit himself. Mr. Kim submitted a Certificate of General Experience, Form E, containing a forged signature of his supervisor.

The details are sparce here but given that it says his form included a "forged signature of his supervisor" and not one that was completely made up, this makes zero sense. If you're gaining required work experience, why the hell would you fake a signature? Just get your experience and get it signed off the right way, you toolbag.

Anyway, looks like it all worked out in the end. Bet you won't catch this guy backdating workpapers or faking client signatures on tax returns in the future.