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Don’t Worry, We Didn’t Forget Those Texas College CPA Exam Results

You guys were obviously sick to death of the CPA exam stats but – just in time to celebrate Caleb's triumphant return to this side of the pond – we're whipping out the NASBA Candidate Performance book once again to take a look at which schools in Texas did best on the exam in 2010. Settle in.

The top 5 Texas schools are as follows (this is for both first-time and repeat exams):

  • Texas Christian University 68.2%
  • University of Texas – Austin 67.2%
  • Trinity University 63.9%
  • Southern Methodist University 60%
  • Rice University 59.5%

Honorable mention: Texas A&M came in 6th with a pass rate of 59%.

Texas Southern University did the worst, pulling a 19.1% pass rate out of 68 exams taken by 33 candidates.

University of Houston – University Park sent the highest number of candidates and took the most exams with 651 candidates sitting for 1,800 exams for a pass rate of 44% even.

Of all Texas schools, only Trinity, Texas Christian, University of Texas-Austin and Southwestern averaged scores above 75, with Texas Christian pulling the highest at 78.5.

Overall, Texas ranked 3rd in size and 15th in performance nationally on first-time exams with an average pass rate of 57.7%; 55.7% on AUD, 58% on BEC, 56.2% on FAR and 61.2% on REG.

Of the top 20 schools across the country for first-time exams taken by candidates with advanced degrees, Texas boasted six; University of Houston – University Park, University of Texas – Austin, University of Texas – Dalls, University of Texas – Arlington, Texas A&M and Texas State – San Marcos all ranked in the top 20 nationally. Note that the only Texas school that ranked in the top 20 for first-time exams taken by candidates without advanced degrees was University of Houston – University Park, which came in 10th.

The University of Texas – Austin came in 18th nationally for first-time candidates with advanced degrees; 124 candidates passed 222 and failed 69 for a pass rate of 76.3%.