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Two Choices – Advice?

Ed. note: Another Open Item that came in from the weekend. Enjoy:

I recently graduated with my masters and i’m a CPA candidate. I have a decision to make relatively quickly and i’m confounded. Both opportunities are really amazing, but i’m uncertain which route to take. Any sound advice is appreciated.

1. Offer from a top investment firm that relies more on my background and finance. This position would be contract and require relocation several states away. It does not offer health benefits, a relocation package, or the certainty of transitioning into a full-time position at the firm, but it is a foot in the door. This firm has brand recognition and if made a perm. employee, I could transfer into a department that would require my CPA. This position would not allow me to gain experience for the cpa and requires a 50-60 hour work week. Business casual attire, early start times to coordinate with New York, and if made perm salary is high.

2. 2nd offer is from a fortune 500 with locations worldwide. It would allow me to gain experience for my CPA experience requirement, but not much advancement. It appears you’d have to die before that happens. Not now, but certainly in the future, i’d like the opportunity to advance. I’m uncertain if i’ll have time to study as the required workweek, much like the firm, is around 50-to a more ideal 60 a week. Compensation is more than the contract position and allows for cash bonuses that are significantly higher than my contract offer. It does have a laidback work environment and flexible start times.