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MBA in Accounting? MBA in Finance? MBA in Taxation? CPA?

Here a question you probably heard before. What should I do with my career?

I am currently enrolled in an MBA program and I have exhausted my non concentration courses, so I need to make a decision.  I hope some of you can provide some light of your experiences and help me out.

I have about 10 years experience in Financial Planning (mostly individuals/retirement), and I currently work at a Big 4 on the operations side dealing with mostly plan administration (little bit of Financial Analysis, HR Generalist, retirement plan administration, and payroll), I’ve been doing this for almost 5 years. Still a little bit related to personal finance/retirement planning, but not quite.

Things that I think I like doing:

  • I like taxes (I’ve actually done mostly-low-income personal income tax with my father’s business for about 10 years)
  • I like forensic accounting (finding mistakes, reconciling, solving puzzles)
  • I like talking to people (but I don’t like selling, I like more giving advice)
  • I am passionate about personal finance and small business development. So much that my dream job is to be like a Dave Ramsey.
  • I would prefer a flexible schedule so I can travel and be with my kids.

Things I don’t like doing:

  • I don’t like routine… if I do the same for more than one year, I get sloppy. I need to keep moving.
  • I don’t like selling (or at least the feeling of soliciting); I love to provide great customer service, and solutions to my clients, but I do not like to solicit (hence I can’t be a Personal Financial Planner in that sense)

Does anyone have a clue what should I do with my life? I was thinking MBA in Taxation or Accounting + CPA …. or MBA in Finance and find a way to teach.

Also, can someone really explain what people do in Auditing? vs FSO? vs Transacion Services? etc.  not the cookie cutter stuff.. .like your day to day….

Sorry for the rant.