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Risk Consulting – EY vs. KPMG

Will graduate in May, need help choosing between two offers:

EY – RAP (Risk Advisory Program) – $61k salary, $3k signing bonus

KPMG – Risk Consulting, Internal Audit – $65.5k salary, $5k signing bonus

I think that KPMG also offers better benefits in terms of PTO and additional certifications, but the money is the main thing I'm looking at.  Both offers are for Chicago – not sure if that would impact the decision or not though.  I have heard that KPMG's advisory practice is considered one of the better ones out of the Big 4, can anyone confirm that?

Based on the numbers alone, I'm leaning more towards KPMG, though I did feel like I "clicked" a little better with the folks at EY throughout the interview process.

Can anyone give me some guidance as to which path I should take, taking into account future opportunities (not only in terms of raises/bonuses, but also exit opportunities associated with the firm's brand image)?