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Transferring your offer

Tax intern here.  I've been really debating asking HR about the possibility of transferring my offer from Tax to TS-Val/Financial DD, or Capital Markets/Accounting Advisory.  I like tax, but the two practices I referenced, do work that really interests me.

Unsure about the possibility of this yielding good results, I've heard of people transferring from audit to tax and vice versa, just wanted to see if anyone could shed any light? HR seems very open about this, and constantly encourages us to speak up if we want to try something new, but i still don't want to shoot myself in the foot as I'm a grad-student intern and I need to start as soon as I can, and the advisory practices obviously hire much less. Could just asking hurt? An intern that received an audit internship offer asked to switch it to TS-Valuation, and HR did that, so that is giving me some hope.