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Too much career movement?

I recently (4 months ago) quit the world of public accounting after working for 3 years in Audit at one of the Big Four. I spent a full year as senior and led an IPO, a first-year audit, and worked on a few quarterly filings. In addition to feeling like I had gotten my B4 experience, I wasn't really in love with auditing, was tired of working the long hours and being out-of town, and simply wanted to try something new (I interned with that firm and accepted a FT offer immediately after, so they were my only "real-world" work experience). 

I was so happy to try something new that I took one of the first jobs I came across, as a Sr. Accountant at a private firm. The company's main function is not accounting, so I am now part of the support staff which is a very new feeling for me. I love the work/life balance, and the work is easy; after only being here for four months I believe I have a good grasp on the company, the accounting process, and the expectations. 

Downsides – I think this will get boring fast. As nerdy as it is, I enjoy keeping up on new accounting pronouncements and being exposed to a variety of accounting issues. I miss the big company perks and the young atmosphere. At my new firm I am one of a handful under the age of 30. 

In looking back and thinking about my transition out of auditing, I find myself wishing I had pursued more options within the B4, i.e. a lateral move to another service line. I've found some Advisory positions online at the other B4 firms and at some smaller regional firms which sound like they could be right up my alley. My question is – if I left my current firm after only 6 mos to a year, would this be a resume killer? I've never wanted to be one of those to bounce around from job to job, but I also don't want to stay at my current position forever. I think it's pretty telling if it's only 4 months in and I'm already looking to jump ship. I'm also nervous of going back to the B4, albeit in a different service line, and running into the same problems that drove me to quit in the first place. Any advice?