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Too late for public accounting?


I've been in private accounting since graduating from college (4 years) (2 jobs), CPA, and work for a somewhat large real estate investment company as controller and make decent money. However, in the last few weeks I have been feeling the same way I felt with my previous job, BORED. I have learned the tricks/shortcuts of the job and find myself either browsing the internet or texting with my peeps about half of the time.

I do realize that public accounting and accounting in general is not an "exciting" career, but I would try to at least give public accounting a try. My question, is it too late to even attempt to move to public accounting? Am I crazy for even considering this? I had a B4 recruiting manager contact me on LinkedIn and asked me to let him know if I wanted to explore new opportunities, but I'm not sure what kind of opportunities would be available for someone who's been out of school for so long and with no previous public accounting experience. Any advice?