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Accounting News Roundup: Stop Complaining (No, Seriously); Etsy’s Hand-Crafted IPO; You, Sir, Are No Accountant | 03.05.15

Grant Thornton Annual Global Survey Finds Little Growth for Women in Senior Business Roles [Business Wire]
How about that: "Eastern European countries are strongest for senior female business leaders, including seven of the top ten, with Russia at number one. 40% of senior business roles in Russia are occupied by women, the highest in the world, and almost double the global average. The next five countries on the list are all near neighbours: Georgia (38%), Poland (37%), Latvia (36%), Estonia (35%) and Lithuania (33%)."

How to Wrangle a Jackass [Melinda Motivates]
You probably deal with at least one on a daily basis.

Etsy, Online Bazaar for Handmade Goods, Files for Initial Offering [DealBook]
What, me worry? "Like other Internet companies that aim to go public, Etsy presents a measure of earnings that differs from that required by generally accepted accounting principles. Etsy’s own metric, known as adjusted Ebitda, or earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, says that the company made $23 million last year. But it lost $15 million according to standard accounting principles."

The weather don't care bout your CPA exam, fool! [Twitter]


Reagan employee impersonator who allegedly stole $1M played accountant too [NY Post]
An Upper West Side man who allegedly stole nearly $1 million from investors by posing as an Oxford graduate who worked for Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush is being accused of also posing as an accountant.

Hashtag stahp [Twitter]

No, the Banks Aren’t Losing [Pro Publica]
Cue sighs of relief.

What It's Like To Go Without Complaining For A Month [Fast Co]
This explains so much: "Nothing unites people more strongly than a common dislike," says Trevor Blake, author of Three Simple Steps. "The easiest way to build friendship and communicate is through something negative."

Man Taunts Cops on Facebook. Man Is Arrested. Man Cries. [Gawker]
Oh man.